an exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter
but only core dependencies

Exporter-Tiny is a Perl distribution including Exporter::Tiny and Exporter::Shiny.

An exporter is a module which implements an import method which allows other modules to import functions and variables into its namespace.

Exporters are essential for modular, functional programming in Perl.

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Features for You


Generate a coderef on-the-fly to be installed into your caller's package.


Just like Exporter.pm!

Easy Config

Just use @EXPORT , @EXPORT_OK , and %EXPORT_TAGS .

Zero dependencies

Exporter::Tiny only uses core Perl modules.

Features for Your User

Lexical Imports

On newer versions of Perl (or if optional dependencies are installed), your caller can import your functions lexically.


Your caller can choose a different name for imported functions.

A quick example

Using Exporter::Tiny directly

package MyUtils {
  use base "Exporter::Tiny";
  our @EXPORT_OK = qw( frobnicate );

  sub frobnicate {

use MyUtils 'frobnicate' => { -as => 'frob' };

print frob( 42 ), "\n";

Using the Exporter::Shiny shortcut

package MyUtils {
  use Exporter::Shiny qw( frobnicate );

  sub frobnicate {

use MyUtils 'frobnicate' => { -as => 'frob' };

print frob( 42 ), "\n";

Exporter-Tiny is available for most Linux and BSD distributions. See installation advice .

Arch Linux perl-exporter-tiny
Debian libexporter-tiny-perl
Fedora OS perl-Exporter-Tiny
Manjaro perl-exporter-tiny
Redhat perl-Exporter-Tiny
SuSE perl-Exporter-Tiny
Ubuntu libexporter-tiny-perl
FreeBSD p5-Exporter-Tiny

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